Amnesty’s Ashes is a voice, not of writer or author, nor of political view, but of haunting; the haunting of a half-pint, southern blonde, burdened with a melancholy soul, who could curl the tips of your hair with her twang, when she opens her mouth to speak.

Born of payloads collected along a passage through this space called life, Amnesty’s Ashes is an attestation that some effects in life are unforgettable, it is a declaration that some injustices are unforgiveable. (I call them payloads because I’ve gained much more by lugging them around than if I’d deposited them in the ‘Forgive and Forget’ trash bin.)

That sentiment, ‘Forgive and Forget’, supposedly, is a spiritual road map that, if followed, will lead to peace and enlightenment. Personally, I’m unaccustomed to its practice and find my head shaking disagreeably in its wake.

Photograph by Angela Tyler-Rockstroh

Is forgiving and forgetting the key that unlocks the mystical door to peace and enlightenment? Really? If so, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get there, despite how desperately I want to because I’m no good at following directions. I get lost using a GPS!


I’ve got stuff, lots of stuff, and strength from hauling the freight, but undoubtedly, one lone being isn’t fortified to acquire and sustain all this stuff; therein lies the haunting. Fortunately for me, even wrong turns can sometimes lead to a desired destination and that is my hope through Amnesty’s Ashes: To lighten the load and share with others who might also be saddled with acceptance of things we could not change; to find peace and enlightenment by exorcising these hauntings.


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